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Athletics all GO for tomorrow 31/10/17 

3 – 6 year old group: 

We will be running a track programme to replace our normal programme (No activities)

This will give us plenty of practice for our upcoming OPEN RIBBON DAY on Sunday November the 19th, that we hope you will attend. 

We will need help: Marshalling kids, timekeeping (iPhone or similar) and practice recording ahead of our open day. 

3 & 4 year olds will run 3 races: 30m / 50m / 75m

5 & 6 year olds will run 3 races: 50m / 75m / 100m 

Please come prepared to help. 

7 + Age Group: 

We will be running track sessions in sprint and middle distance. 

Number & help dependent we may also offer, Shot Put & Long Jump.

We will need lots of parent help tomorrow night. 


Please do not leave your children, it is highly likely that we will finish early. 

There will be no BBQ tomorrow night.