Parents Role

The Junior Programme Starts with roll call & warm up from 5.30pm to ensure that we stick to the programme please make sure you are on time.

Duty Teams
are rostered each week and are responsible for the following:

Equipment set up
Activity time change
Oversee pack up

Each team will be rostered at least twice per season, please ensure that you do your bit and help out when your team is rostered.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION: It is a club policy that children are actively supervised on club nights.
The ratio of parental supervision for 3 & 4 year olds is 1:2.
The ratio of parental supervision for 5 & 6 year olds is 1:3

Age Group Leader:
This is a shared parent responsibility within your teams. This involves ticking the attendance sheet and carrying your clipboard (bible); leading your group to their allocated activity stations (Listed on the attendance register) in a timely and orderly manner. Co-ordinate “what to do” at each activity station (Instructions provided in the clipboard). We encourage all parents to work together to maximise the allocated time slot.