Prog Structure 3-6

Junior athletics follows the principles of the Athletics NZ Get Set Go programme that enable parent helpers and others to deliver, assess and teach Fundamental Movement Skills appropriate to children’s needs. The aim is to improve children’s skills and increase their physical activity, through fun and purposeful games and activities.

PCAAC has adapted the programme to suit club numbers and focus on the basic athletics skills of run jump and throw. The programme is designed to enable any parent or helper (skilled or not) to pick up the manual and deliver the activities. PCAAC encourages all parents within the group to work together to ensure the children engage and learn these skills.

Our members are divided into teams with a maximum of 12 participants in each group. This number is suited to the activity and the 10 minute allocated slot. Do not be afraid to add your own ideas and be creative with the activities. The goal is make sure that our children are learning through fun play. Group allocations will be posted prior to the start of the season.

There are 3 main areas of skill building:

1. Stability Movement Skills

2. Locomotor Movement Skills
Running/Hopping/Jumping for distance
Skipping/Dodging/Jumping for height
Galloping & Leaping

3. Manipulative Movement Skills
Catching/Overhand throw/Underhand throw
Passing/ Kicking/Punting/Striking with implements
Striking with hands and feet

Get Set Go Vision: Active Kiwi Kids: Enjoying Sport and Play Every Day!

Oversees the programme, to ensure that it is set up in time, runs to time and that everything is return to the equipment ready for next week.

Will be post cancellation to the club facebook and website by 4.30pm.



– All Children Aged 7yrs and under are required to be supervised at all times.
– Parent superivision ratio: 3&4 year olds 1:2 – 5&6 year olds 1:3
– Parents with Prams – Please be respectful of others: stay off the running tracks at all times
– A FIRST AID KIT is available from the Equipment Shed/Registration Desk
– Please keep your children off the activity stations prior to commencing the evenings programme
– Please help us to care for and keep Walker Park in a tidy condition

Please note that there are no allocated group leaders. The responsibility falls on parents collectively to share in leading the groups through the programme each week and executing each activity.

You can contact a representative of the Club by emailing
Your email will be directed to the most appropriate club member.