Club Night 7-14

Club nights are held Tuesday evenings from 5.45pm – 7.15pm during Term 1 & Term 4
(Cnr or Neville & Walker Rd)

In the event of cancellation. A notice will be posted to the website, including the rolling banner as well as facebook between 4.15pm and 4.30pm on the day. Our time line allows for atleast 1 rain day per half season, so don’t worry you will not miss out.

The 2017 / 2018 season dates:
Term 4: Tuesday 17th October – Tuesday 12th December 2017
Term 1: Tuesday 30th January – Tuesday 20th March 2018
(Please note your registration is valid until March 31st 2018, no need to register again for Term 1) 

7+ Club night is a 90 minute programme which rotates in 3 x 25 minute blocks.
Each block will consist of a run event, a jump event & a throw.

  • 5.45pm Warmup and notices.
  • 6.00pm Block One
  • 6.25pm Block Two
  • 6.50pm Block Three
  • 7:15pm Programme finish
  • 7:15 – 7:45pm Optional training block, relay team practice as required.

How it works

Athletes assemble behind their age groups signs at the start of each club night. Please ensure that they tick their name off the register each week. There will be a roll call and club notices before the blocks start.

Six event stations are set up and run by Pt Chevalier Athletics committee members and parent helpers. Children do three disciplines each week, completing all six over a two week cycle.

One of our primary functions as an athletics club is to teach children to train for and compete in competitions run under NZAA and IAAF rules.

Therefore the following events are coached and competed in:

Running:  Sprint – 60m / 100m / 200m / 400m

Distance  800m / 1500m / 2000m.

Jumping: – Long and  High

Throwing – Discus and Shot

Your child(rens) age groups is determined by their age as at 31/12/2017.


The club is NOT set up to cater for unsupervised children under the age of 14 years, therefore responsibility to ensure that children are adequately supervised falls on the parents. Please bear in mind, that there are approximately 200 children participating in various programmes across Walker Park on club nights, so please help us out by ensuring that your children are looked after.

As a voluntary organisation we rely on parents assisting the committee to deliver the programme. We need:

Activity Helpers: to assist Coaches in operating the event stations, measuring/taking down results.

Age Groups Assistants (parent chaperones) who assemble and move children between events, organise turns.

Equipment set up – help get equipment out and set up. (Starting from 5.15pm)

Shed open from 5:10pm so please come a bit earlier if you can.

It is expected that parents make themselves available on at least two club nights per child during the season. Please do you share and help out where you can. Experience is not required as instructions/guidance will be provided by officials/committee members.


The club has a uniform and all athletes are required to wear the uniform on club nights.
The uniform for this age group is a club singlet and black plain shorts and Colgate age patch with PC number. Uniforms and Colgate age patches can be collected on club nights from the registration desk. (see the uniform tab under join in for more information).  

The club uniform must be worn. A Colgate age patch with your childs name and registration number must be clearly visible on the front of the age patch. Age patches can be collected from the registration desk on club nights.

Athletics New Zealand’s Run-Jump-Throw (RJT) programme

Pt Chevalier Athletics aims to provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for our athletes. One that supports growth of their skills and develops their passion for sports and fitness.

Therefore, this season sees the Run Jump Throw progamme and principles being incorporated into our coaching of traditional of track and field events. Desired outcomes include:

–       more individual time on discipline.

–       higher activity levels.

–       greater “hands-on” time with suitable equipment for ability level.

–       enjoyable games and relays as instructional tools.

–       create better adult : child ratios.


For 7-9s, the Beginners – better transition from the Junior ages 3 to 6 with use of familiar equipment and activities and game based on RJT. Emphasis is on movement skills for the full range of jumping, running and throwing actions.

Some introductions include

–       soft PVC throwing equipment

–       scissor hurdles for Jumping

–       short repeats of 30-50m distances to develop technique and take advantage of the “speed development window” at occurs at this age.

For 10-11s, the Learners – the basic skills are reinforced with RJT drills and activities, but balance shifts toward developing correct progressions in the traditional disciplines, taking advantage of the “skill hungry” development stage.

For 12-15s, the Competitors, the focus is reinforcing and refining basic skills and developing the application of strength and power in the action. Moremphasis is placed on preparing athletes for inter-club and regional competitions. Some elements of RJT are utilised.

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