Club Champs Programme

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Senior club champs is underway for the 2016 season.
We are stepping outside the club norm and making the programme available for the first time.
Club Champs is the competitive side of club night, where each athlete competes within their age groups competing in all events to finish in the top three. 
Points are awarded for attendance at each event as well as for placings 1 – 5.
Age group champs are decided by the total overall points at the conclusion of the 5 weeks.
So it is in the interest of every athlete to attend and try every week.  
First, Second and Third overall placings are awarded at prizegiving and in the spirit of celebrating triers, there is also a triers award for each age group.
There are also discretionary awards these are for our elite and up and coming athletes who compete at external events or show talent in their specialised events.
Committee require assistance with timings and measuring at each event each week. If we have plenty of help then it is likely that club champs will run to schedule and of course vice versa. So please lend a hand where needed.
If you can help with timing please bring a stop watch or a reliable timer.
If you are not sure how to help please come and talk to us.
Club Championships
Junior club champs will be held on the 1st & 8th of March. More details will follows.
Good luck to all of our athletes we look forward to lots of cheering over the next few weeks!

2016 Club Champs Programme