Winter Squad Training

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Cross Country Squad Training

Cross country squad training kicks of next week.

Where:    Walker Park
When:     Tuesday Evenings 
Time:       5.45pm
Dates: Start date: 8th May 2018 

The squad will be led by Kate Snushall and supported by Jackie Richards and Emma Vere-Jones. 

Parent’s dust off your shoes and join in the training with your kids! 

Sign in at the Senior Sheds ready for a 5.45pm start. (Health and Safety Requirement) 

The squad training will consist of a warm up, drills and cross country distance running (2k & 3k) 

We encourage our kids to wear their club singlet for easy identification and hi vis gear if possible. 

We will need parent help to assist as markers on the course and to help with supervision. 

This training is open to the community, there are no fees involved for this training session, but please be prepared to help. 

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