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Junior Opening Night Information & Group Allocations

We are welcoming many new families to the club this year and for children and parents the first night can be quite overwhelming if you are not prepared;
Please take a few moments to read through the information and understand how the programme will work and where your help is required.

Uniforms: Ordered uniforms will be bagged up by team and set out on the tracks prior to your arrival. If a couple of parents could take responsibility in handing out the uniforms for your group that would be great. Any late registrations that have not ordered uniforms please see Anne at the registration desk (next to the BBQ) at the end of the programme.

This year’s Junior Programme is based on the Athletics NZ Get Set Go programme.

The aim of the programme is to enable parents to teach the fundamental basic skills of movement to improve children’s skills and increase their physical activity, through fun and purposeful games and activities.

The programme will run as follows

5.15 Roll call, notices & warm up
5.30 Activity One
5.40 Activty Two
5.50 Activity Three
Combined Activity Four
6.10 Warm down (meet back at the start of the track)
6.15 Conclusion

Your children have been put into groups, we have tried as best as possible to keep siblings together. The group numbers are large but they are the optimum numbers for the activities, it also means that there are more parent helpers for each age group!

Please click here to find out what group your child is in.
PCAAC 3 and 4 year olds Schedules 2015 PDF.pdf

PCAAC 5 and 6 year olds Schedules 2015 PDF.pdf

How will I know where to go?
Children need to be lined up in their groups ready to go by 5.15pm. All children are to sit on the track grid in lines behind their team name. Inside your clipboard will be an attendance sheet, tick off your childs name (or a parent may wish to take responsibility for this)

Who will lead the group?
Parents are expected to share the responsibility in leading their groups. You only need to be a good communicator and able to give instructions clearly. 
Inside your clipboard you will find your programme this will tell you when and where you need to be. Each clipboard will have a full set of instructions for each age group activity. (As a group work out the best way to work the activity)
If you feel something is not working, change it up! The activity resource is just a guideline.

A siren will sound to indicate the change of activities two minutes prior to allow you enough time to get from one activity to the next.

Combined Activity Four:
This activity will focus on running techniques on the track. Each group need to send a minimum of 2 parents to the start of the track to help set up the final activity (or meet at the long jump pit if applicable) at the start of activity 3.

We would love to encourage a social atmosphere at walker park and invite families to bring along picnic blankets and enjoy twilight dining (BBQ) and the company of other families!   whilst watching the “big kids” in their activities, line up along the fence of the playground 🙂

We are fortunate enough to have the assistance of an Athletics NZ coach for the first 8 weeks who will be there to guide parents on how to facilitate activities. Committee members will work alongside Athletics NZ and be present throughout the programme, you can identify them either in club jackets (green) or in high vis vests.

If you are interested in coming on board and helping out in the Junior Club please contact us or let us know! we would love more active helpers or “friends of the committee”

For any junior related club matters please email Anne Lawson: annelawson74@gmail.com

PCAAC Committee