Junior Opening Night Information

Junior Opening Night Important Information:

A warm welcome back to our returning and new athletes and families! we are looking forward to getting under way next week.

Please read through all of the following information so you are well equipped of what to expect as the first night can be quite overwhelming. 

Uniforms will be available for collection on club night. It can take time to get through everyone so it might actually be best to come and get your t-shirt at the end of the programme. Please note that we have new sponsors and new uniforms have been ordered. For returning registered members from the previous season you can exchange your t-shirt for a newly branded one. Once the pre ordered t-shirts have been collected.  

Group Allocations
Children in our younger age groups are grouped by year and each group has a cap of 12 athletes for both health and safety activity design.

3 & 4 Year Old Age Group Allocations  

3 & 4 Year old Age Group Allocation.xlsx

5 & 6 Year Old Age Group Allocations

5 & 6 Year old Group Allocations 2016.xlsx

When you arrive locate your age group clipboard, these will be laid out in age order across the running cross. Each clipboard is labelled with a picture that represents the group. Please ensure that your child is in their team line by 5.25pm.

Coaches are not provided by the club for this programme. The 3 – 6 year old programme is a hands on parent run programme. The programme has been designed so that anyone can pick up the manual and instruct athletes on what to do. You do not need to have experience or athletic ability, so please pitch in and do your share. From experience we know that young children engage best when there parents and caregivers are involved.

Group Clipboards
The group clipboards contains a pen, the group attendance sheet (please tick your child’s name), at the bottom of the attendance sheet you will find the evenings programme. Also included in the clipboard is an age group manual with instruction on how to deliver each activity. (There are 3 activities + age group races to conclude the programme). There will also be a map of walker park so you will no where to go for each activity. This kit is designed to make it easy for any parent to lead the group, it is expected that parents share this role. If everyone pitches in you will only have to do it 1 or 2 times in the season.

A committee member will read out notices if any and organise for all children to be warmed up.
At 5.40 you will move off to your first activity station

5.45 Block One   (10 Minutes)
5.55 Block Two   (10 Minutes)
6.05 Block Three (10 Minutes)
6.15 Age group running races.

Equipment set up is the responsibility of the duty team. All duty teams should report to the shed at 5.15pm to assist with set up.
A committee member will unlock the sheds.

Enlist more helpers if required.

Duty Teams:
Please note that each team will be allocated a duty night this is to help share the workload of set up, delivering and packing away the programme each week. The roster is located on the group allocation lists. Please diarise this date and ensure that you turn up at 5.10pm ready to help.

Assistance on the night:
If you require assistance on the night, please report to the registration desk.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Walker Park soon.

PCAAC Committee