Welcome to the 2016 / 2017 Season!

A warm welcome to the 2016 / 2017 Summer Season of Athletics!

Ahead of tomorrow’s opening club night here’s a special message from Eliza McCartney

The season kicks off on Tuesday 11th of October for our Senior (7+) athletes.

Please take the time to read the following important information.


We are pleased to announce that from the beginning of this season, our club will be sponsored by The Professionals Real Estate – Point Chevalier. Aside from the nice coincidence that means we’re amateurs sponsored by professionals; this new alliance will ensure that the club continues to deliver a safe, fun and engaging children’s athletics programme.

This means that our the club is currently rebranding promotional material including uniforms. Could we ask all athletes wear appropriate mufti (non uniform) until we confirm arrangements for uniform replacement. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated at this time.


Please note that the start and finish time of club nights has been pushed forward by 15 minutes this season. This is to ensure that we have enough helping hands to set up the event stations and to organise the age groups. Club night will now commence at 5.45pm and conclude at 7.15pm for the 7+ age group.

As mentioned above, uniforms have been ordered. We are not certain if we will have them by Tuesday, however in the event that they are available this week, those that have pre ordered and purchased uniforms can come to the registration desk to collect. (Please keep an ear out during announcements or an eye out on facebook, email & website for notice of when to collect uniforms)


Our preferred method of communication to our members and their families is by way of club night announcements, email, website and facebook. Please ensure that you check our website & facebook regularly for updates and information.
Cancellations will be published to our website & facebook page by 4.30pm on the day. Please do not rely on email notification for cancellations as accessing the database is not always possible.

**Please remember to pack a light jacket or jumper as it can still be very cold in the evenings at walker park.

BBQ /BBQ Roster:
The BBQ will start up from the 18th of October. A BBQ roster will be emailed out shortly. The BBQ provides the club with much needed revenue to help fund our athletes at outside events. Please ensure that you diarise your shift or make alternative arrangements to find cover in the event that you cannot make it.

PCAAC is a not for profit organisation run by an elected committee of parents of children of the club. PARENTAL assistance is an expectation on club nights. If all parents do their share, then we would only require your help on the ground twice during the season! please don’t be afraid to ask where you can help out, you do not need experience or athletic ability and knowledge. Each age group requires a parent chaperone to ensure that the groups move between the event stations quickly and safely.
Please note that PCAAC does not accept responsibility for unsupervised children. Athletes 13 years and under require appropriate supervision. Our club has 250+ children at any one time., The club is not equipped to cater for unsupervised children.

All athletes ages 10 & 11 are welcome to apply to trial for the upcoming Trans Tasman Tour 2017. The Trans Tasman competition will be held in January in New South Wales, Australia. Click here for more info: Trans Tasman

Please take extra care when you are at walker park, keep your eyes and ears open for any potential hazards, if you come across any please report them to the registration desk. A first aid kit is available from the registration desk. Please encourage your children to listen to the instructions of the coaches and ensure that they handle equipment with care.

We look forward to welcoming current and new members to Walker Park tomorrow evening:

PCAAC Committee: