Senior Club Championships 2018

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Senior Club Championships start Tuesday 13th February 2018 

Club championships will run over the next 4 weeks. Week 5 has been reserved for optional open races for all age groups. 

All athletes are required to wear full uniform:

 – Green club singlet with age patch 
 – Black shorts

All members may compete in the Club  Championships.
However, to be eligible for Club Championships, Medals and Trophies, members must satisfy the following criteria:  
Grade 7 – Grade 14 either; 

– attend 90% of Club nights  + one interclub event or   
– 50% of Club nights + a minimum of two interclub events  
   NB – This means all interclub events on Auckland Athletics calendar    

AGE is at 31/12/17 

All members must compete in a minimum of 4 events, being at least 1 track  and 1 field event. 

PARENT HELP: is required for all events: we will need assistance with timekeeping, measuring and recording.  
The larger the group, the more help will be required. The more help we get, the more likely we are to run to schedule. 

will require a chaperone to ensure that the correct athletes are at the correct event at the right time. 

Athletics is weather dependant, please ensure that you check the website and facebook for any updates. Cancellation due to weather will be posted by 4.30pm on the day. 


Week One
 – Completed

Week Two – Completed

Week Three – Completed

Week Four