Winter Running Squad General Information

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When: Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm – 6.15pm (1st session Tuesday 9th May, 2017) 

Where: Walker park. Meet at the senior shed next to the playground @ 5.25pm. 

Who: Any 7 + club athlete and friends of athletes interested in competing in the XCR Grand Prix Series as well as those who are interested in maintaining fitness through running.  

Programme Leaders: Michelle Wilkinson, Kate Snushall, Michael Christini. 

Course:  It is intended to run 2 – 3km’s on the grassed area and around the perimeter of Walker Park. The course will may change on an as required basis. 

Uniform requirements: Club Singlet (warm gear underneath ok), contact Anne on the club email if you don’t have one. (new singlets $35.00) 

Cost: No registration fees. Maybe some uniform costs 

Safety Requirements: 
Supervision of 1:5 ratio of parents to athletes. All helpers will be required to wear hi vis vests available from the gear shed. *In addition to this we highly recommend reflective snap bands (available for purchase from most sports/bike stores) Kathmandu have a pack of two for $20.00. 

You will be required to sign in and out of the squad group each Tuesday. Attendance records need to be maintained by the club for admin and safety purposes.   Please confirm your space by emailing to register. Please include in your email, your child’s name, age as at 31/12/2017, two emergency contact names & numbers. 

Proposed programme:
5:30pm warm up
5:45pm run 
6:05pm warm down 
6.15pm finish

For further information or to register: email