Auckland Junior Relay Championships 2015

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Auckland Junior Relay Champs is one of three major events on the regional calendar and is a big logistical exercise for all the clubs involved.
Weeks of work go into team selection, practising starts, baton changing, and deciding running order. All in order for batons to get from start to finish line as quickly as possible on the day.
So Saturday 12th November saw a bus full of nervous and excited Point Chevalier athletes arrive at Massey Park, Papakura, to join fellow athletes from 14 other clubs.
We had teams entered in 12 of the 16 Age categories, but sadly the 10 Girl’s team had to be scratched due to a late withdrawal.
Competition commenced in dry, overcast conditions with highlights a plenty as the day unfolded. The 7 Girls (India Beachman, Cleo Hancock, Ava Dickins, Jayda Pocock) got us off to a great start with a Bronze in the 4 x 100m – after only just getting to the start line in time due to a late arrival.
The 12 Boys (Sam Berry, Jamie Daly-Jones, Henry Allison, Truman Tepai) put on a stellar performance with Silver in the 4 x 100m followed by Gold in the 4 x 200m. However, it was the 14 Girls (Sophia Clarke, Skylar Chapman-Peters, Gabrielle Christini, Jess Swney) who were the standout performers and aced the day with Silver in both 100 and 200 relays, Gold in the Field Relay, and had two of their members contribute to a Silver medal by the Girl’s Medley team.
An outstanding effort by our Senior girls and a great example to the Juniors. With seven medals in total, it was an excellent result.
Furthermore, four Point Chevalier teams finished in the toughest spot of all – fourth, with the 8 Boys missing a Bronze by a mere 0.13 seconds, while the 10 Boys had the disappointment of seeing a medal disappear as a little too much enthusiasm saw an over run of the final changeover zone while holding 2nd place.
Out of zone handovers by our nervous newbies – 7 Boys and Girls – saw them sadly DQ’d in one race each too, but no batons were dropped and some excellent changeovers were on display.
Athletics is very much an individual sport in the competitive sense. What makes Relay Champs special is that it is truly a team event where each individual contributes their best to the team, and depends on their mates to do their best. So congratulations to all athletes for being true to that spirit and performing to the best of your ability.
Your behaviour and support of each other throughout the day was exemplary and makes the effort that goes into getting you to the start line all the more worthwhile.
To all the committee Age Group Managers who worked so well with your teams – well done! Thanks to the team lead by Junior, Ian and Daniel who coordinated the Shot circle allocated to us and thank you to those parents who put in their share of help on the day!  
Major thanks to our Super Secretary Anne, who sorted the paperwork and communicated brilliantly with parents. And to our SCC Fiona who kept things on track when the curve balls rolled through.
A special thanks to Coach Steve Erkkila for preparing our athletes so well and best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.
Best wishes to all our club’s families for the festive season. Look forward to seeing you back at Walker Park on 2nd of February.

Article by Michael Christini – Club President

Relay Team 2015
7 Year
7 Girls 8 Year Boys 8 Year Girls
Bart Zame Cleo Hancock Benji Meyburg Manu Fa’alogo Lilo
Benaiah Su Jayda Pocock Max Morgan Annabelle Scott
Noah Fa’alogo
India Beachman Robbie Kelso Heap Amy Shennan
Tom Kenny Ava Dickins  Ziggy
Jade Van Rensburg
9 Year Boys 9 Year Girls 10 Year Boys 10 Year Girls
Pallas Baker Joe Berman Maddie Kelso-Heap
Charlotte Hancock Elliot Kitchener Brooke Chandler
David Mika Danii Mafoe Harry Innes  Grace Mc Carthy
Koen Dettling Eva Pointon Lewis Mazza-Carson Ruby Barr
11 Year Girls 12 Year Boys 12 Year Girls 14 Year Girls
Tatiana Finau Sam Berry Chloe Innes Jess Swney
Meg Zame Jamie Daly-Jones Maioha Murupaenga-
Gabrielle Christini
Lucia Lundon Henry Allison Chloe Browne Skylar Chapman-Peters
Truman Tepai Bella Browne Sophia Clark