Important Junior Start Back Information 2017

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Happy new year and welcome back to the 2nd half of the season.

Our first night back is Tuesday 31st January, we will be based at our new temporary home at Western Springs College northern field for the remainder of the season.

As the field, does not have the space and facilities to accommodate our normal programmes we have had to make some adjustments.

The junior programme will run for 45 minutes with an earlier start time of 5.15pm.

We are going to reduce the programme by 1 activity to allow more time for track / running races.

The programme will look like this.

5.15       Roll call and warm up

5.20       Activity one

5.30       Activity two

5.40       Track



There is a gate next to MOTAT 2, this is the only public access to the field. (Please click the link below to access the map)


Best parking is the bottom carpark off Meola Rd & MOTAT carpark after hours. However be mindful that we are sharing this space with Western Springs Football Club therefore parking may be limited. More parking can be found on Motions Rd and Western Springs College. But please note that you cannot access the field through the school due to the construction, you will need to walk through the MOTAT 2 entrance from Motions Rd. If you are close by, we recommend walking.   


Western Springs College is undergoing major construction. You will notice temporary safety fencing all around the field. Please ensure that your children are appropriately supervised as there are many hazards and potential for harm in and around the field.  

We recommend that your children wear appropriate footwear for the 2nd half of the season. The council have laid sand and soil across the field, to level off the track however there are still areas of uneven surface and we urge you to take precautions to reduce the risk of injury.

The junior programme has been allocated space in the middle of the 400m track. Space is at a premium. For this reason, we request that only athletes and their parent help be present on the track at all times. Other family members and non participating siblings must remain in the spectator area behind the safety fencing next to the Administration/BBQ area. STRICTLY no prams allowed onto the field.   

We look forward to welcoming you to WSC on Tuesday. If you are not returning please let us know by emailing (We want to ensure that our registers are up to date)  


Anne Lawson

Junior Club Co-ordinator

PCAAC Western Springs MAP.docx